Floor Stand Network Cabinets (42U)


Cabinet DINTEK.jpg 

19" Cabinets DINTEK
 Exquisite design with precise dimensions and craftsmanship
 Tempered glass door with popular black color
 Leveling stands and castor supports
 Strong design to give a static carrying capacity of 500KG
 Several lockable wiring holes at top and bottom with adjustable bottom hole
 Optional installation of base enables the cabinet to stay in a fixed position while meeting  

requirements of under-base cable entry/ventilation and prevention
 Removable side, front and rear doors
 Full set of optional accessories

 Material : SPCC cold rolled steel
 Thickness of steel:
Mounting profile: 2.0mm;
Frame: 1.2mm
 Surface Finish: Degreased, Washed with acid,Phosphor treatment, Spraying

 ANSI/EIA RS-310-D,
 DIN41491, PART1,
 IEC297, PART7,
 GB/T3047.2-42,
 Compatible with 19” International Standards, ETSI

Fan module

Fan Module DINTEK.jpg 

"U"marked mounting profile

U marked mounting profile DINTEK.jpg 

Advanced spring locker

Advanced spring locker DINTEK.jpg 

Removable side door


 Lockable cable entry

Lockable cable entry DINTEK.jpg 

Earthing kit

Earthing kit DINTEK.jpg 

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