Power Remote Control Via Phone


Rating Voltage:
PRC-002U: AC 100~130V, 50/60Hz
PRC-002E: AC 200~240V, 50/60Hz
Maximum load:
PRC-002U: 15A, 1950W
PRC-002E: 15A, 3600W
Product Descriptions:
PRC-002 is a 2 gang receptacle independently control power supply’s
On/ Off/ Reboot through a desktop telephone/ mobile phone,

* Overload reset function included
* Simple operation based on built-in speech guidance
* Default language is English, other languages can be custom-built
* 4-digit password safeguard before the access of control
* Password can be changed
* Delayed power on/power off function included, define 10
minutes as a time span, each time span can be set within 24 hours.
* Reboot function included, can resume power supply after
15 seconds interval.
* Can check power supply’s real time status from long distance.
* Number of answering ring can be changed
* Three LED’s indicate different working status of the system.
* Simple installation method, the telephone line is not occupied in most time
* The defaulted socket module is universal receptacle (fits for above
20 countries), option is USA/UK receptacle etc., others can be custom-built
* Suitable for remote control of any type electric appliance in
110V/220V, such as Router, HUB, PABX, gateway, Central Air
Conditioner, Pump, Street Lamp System, Water Heater, Refrigerator,
Micro-wave Oven etc.


Contact Person: Mr. Frank Huang

Mobile: +886-988-238-989

Email: frank88.huang@gmail.com

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