GSM Remote Control For AirCon

1) Control air conditioner by phone call
2) Record various remote control codes, compatible with most air conditioners
3) Very simple operation method based on speech guidance
4) Password safeguard
5) Stable performance, non-interferential
6) Comes standard with cooling, heating, dehumidification and switch off functions
7) To be easily installed on benchtop/wall, plug-and-play
8) Self-taught function, can be used for control of other home appliance such as TV.
9) Wireless Telephone , CID function。Can connect a normal telephone 。

Dual-Band GSM 900/1800MHZ
Control signal: DTMF
Power : 12V (battery Optionall)
Dimensions: 176mm×123mm×36mm
Weight(without Battery) 350g
Operation temperature range: -10℃~50℃
Remote control signal: Infrared Ray
Transmitting distance: ≦8m
Installation: On desktop/wall
Standard met: FCC and CE

Contact Person: Mr. Frank Huang

Mobile: +886-988-238-989


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