SMS Power Remote Control For AirCon

This smart unit can control your air conditioner while you away from home/office just by sending a SMS meaage. Such a simple operation only requires the entry of password. Control by telephone before returning home/office so that your room will be at a comfortable temperature. Can be used from mobile phones!
1) Control air conditioner by SMS message
2) Record various remote control codes, compatible with most air conditioners
3) Very simple operation method based on speech guidance
4) Password safeguard
5) Stable performance, non-interferential
6) Comes standard with cooling, heating, dehumidification and switch off functions
7) To be easily installed on benchtop/wall, plug-and-play
8) Self-taught function, can be used for control of other home appliance such as TV.

1) Economical, competitive price
2) Simple operation routing upon built-in speech guidance
3) Small profile, to be easily installed
4) Self-contained, no need to change any configuration of your telephone or AirCon
5) Built-in self-taught function can develop many new functions to fulfill your demands
6) Optional languages: Chinese, English, and custom-built.

Contact Person: Mr. Frank Huang

Mobile: +886-988-238-989


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