Figure: Photo of control board

IR Infrared Touch Screen panel board_solution TCA2S.jpg

TCA2S: Resistive Touch Panel Controller    for  Elo compatible RS232 version.

Description :

TCA2S is a resistive touch panel controller for serial port and able to be used with 4-wire or 5-wire analog
resistive panel with FFC/FPC or Pin Header connector. It is with drivers supporting many kinds of operation
systems such as Windows98/ME, 2000/XP, CE, Vista / Linux and Macintosh.

Specification :

Resolution :                       4096 X 4096    (ADC 12 bit)
Touch Panel :                     4- and 5-wire
Interface :                          RS232
LED :                                  touch / un-touch indication
Power :                              From PS2 port or Extra Power line
Power consumption :        20 mA (standby)
Respond time :                  12.3ms  
Dimension :                        PCB 60x35mm    
Connector Type :               4W - FFC/FPC or Pin header connector / 5W – Pin header
Operation Temperature :  -20 ~ 80℃
Storage Temperature :     -20 ~ 125℃

eTCA2S Risistive Touch Controller for Elo Compatibile  version  RS 232 Cable.jpg 

RS-232 Cable for TCA2S Resistive Touch Panel Controller    for  Elo compatible RS232 version.

Item TCA2S
Description RS232 port, 4- 5-wire combo touch control board
Remark 1. switch 4-, 5-wre by jumper
2. very high flexibility and low cost
3. FPC(4-wire) and Pin header (4-, 5-wire) connector
4. Dimension 60x35mm
Application PCs, POS, Kiosk, IPC, Touch monitor
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Contact Person: Mr. Frank Huang

Mobile: +886-988-238-989


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