NANOPROTECH - Innovative technology - Test in water

NANOPROTECH - Innovative technology - Phone in water




奈米防護產品   電路板防水及絕緣應用 (Protection of Electronic board)


 奈米防護產品   電路板防水及絕緣應用 (Protection of Electronic board)




NANOPROTECH Electric also is used for protection of electronic components and devices in dump environment.


NANOPROTECH Electric restores and increases electric conductivity of metal and has excellent surface grip even in case of significant temperature change. The product was developed specially for sensitive electronics. NANOPROTECH Electric has a long-term action and excellent cleansing effect. The product has a good compatibility with various materials such as copper, polyvinyl chloride, solders, electric and electronic details.


Purpose of NANOPROTECH Electric


protects electronic devices, microchips and printed circuits against moisture (steam, condensate water, rain, chlorinated and salt water etc.)


restores working capacity and electric conductivity of electronic components, circuit plates and the equipment damaged by humidity


protects against short circuit, malfunction and breakdown of equipment


increases service life of electronic devices, circuit plates and equipment


Properties of NANOPROTECH Electric


builds water proof and water repellent coating;


can be applied on wet surfaces;


protects against static electricity, dust and dirt;


fills in microscopic cavities on the surface;


provides electric conductivity in water;


provides dielectric strength of conductors;


builds insulating coating,


protects against surface current leakage;


maintains high elasticity;


does not cause harmful effects and does not destroy metals, plastic, rubber, glass, varnish, colors, ceramics and electric engines;


Functions of NANOPROTECH Electric


protects electronic devices against moisture (steam, condensate water, rain, chlorinated and salt water etc.).


increases service life of the electronic devices and equipment


restores, safes and improves the insulation resistance of electric equipment in dump environment


restores working capacity and electric conductivity of electronic components and devices damaged by humidity (oxidation and corrosion);


prevents from short circuits and contact freezing


protects against insulation breakdown


improves dielectric conductivity of electric connections


protects against surface current leakage;


protects against oxidation, mildew and fungi on electric contacts;


eliminates soot, carbon deposit and dirt;


facilitates the start of electric equipment after washing;


cleans and protects the contacts of electric equipment against dust and dirt


Tests of NANOPROTECH Electric




Test 1


Test A


Printed boards were immerged into water. Then the boards were hung for 2 minutes to let water to flow from them. The following examination showed that 80 percent of the boards lost working capacity. After that, the non-working boards were applied with NANOPROTECH Electric.


Result: 60 percent of the non-working boards restored working Capacity




Test B


New printed boards were applied with NANOPROTECH Electronic before being immerged into water. After immerging, the boards were hung for 2 minutes to let the water to flow from them, and then they were examined.


Result: Printed boards saved 100 percent of working capacity.




Test 2


Five out of ten printed boards were applied with water proofing


NANOPROTECH Electric. The boards were being sprayed with salt water for 2 hours twice a day and then they dried for 10 hours. In 2 weeks, the working capacity of the printed plates was tested.


Result: Printed boards that were not applied with NANOPROTECH became defective. Applied with NANOPROTECH printed plates saved working capacity.




 奈米防護產品   電路板防水及絕緣應用 (Protection of Electronic board)


Printed board was not applied with NANOPROTECH. Significant oxidation developed during 2 weeks of spraying with salt water.


 奈米防護產品   電路板防水及絕緣應用 (Protection of Electronic board)


Printed board was applied with NANOPROTECH. Soldering points were not damaged by corrosion. Working capacity was maintained..


Composition of NANOPROTECH Electronic:


The product is composed of highly refined mineral oil, intense anticorrosion additives, antioxidants, dearomatized paraffin and naphthene hydrocarbons. The product does not contain rubber, silicone,


acryl, tetrafluoroethylene and benzol.




Usage and storage:


NANOPROTECH should be kept away from open fire and direct sunlight.


Use the product in ventilated places. Do not smoke near the products and keep out of electrical discharge.


Please adhere to the storage regulations of liquids under pressure.




Toxicological information


NANOPROTECH does not irritate skin. Spray can cause an irritation of eyes and reversible damage. The product does not provoke allergic reactions.




Application of NANOPROTECH Electric


Shake the aerosol can before use. Spray 20-30 cm away from the surface.


Wait for 15 minutes before using an electric appliance.




Product data:


Packing type: aerosol can


Volume: 210 ml


Product consumption: 50 ml/m3


Shelf life: 5 years


Protection time: 1 year


Made in Russia


 奈米防護產品   電路板防水及絕緣應用 (Protection of Electronic board) 


Technical details





Whity brown


Inherent to oils

Condition changes:

melting temperature/melting range

boiling temperature/ boiling range

burning temperature/burning range


Not determined

> 100°С

> 250°С


Material does not self-ignite

Explosion risk

Material is not explosive.

Nevertheless, formation of explosive

air or steam mixtures is possible

Critical values for an explosion:

low value

high value


0.8 Vol. %

7.7 Vol. %

Density at 20ºC

< 0.8 g/cm³

Dissolvability in water/ mixability with water


Material does not dissolve in water

and does not mix with water

Kinetic viscosity at 20ºC

About 30 Stokes (DIN 53211/4)

Dielectric strength

208 kV at the distance of 1 cm

11.7 kV at the distance of 0.25 cm

Dissolvent content:

organic dissolvents

VOC (volatile organic components) EC

VOC (volatile organic components) EC



About 30 Vol. %

180.0 g/l

30.0 %

0 %




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