42” LCD Monitor Video Wall  Solution ( 42",  55", 65" ) 

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Spec synopsis :
Built   with   high   brightness   LCD panel  at  700  nits,  and  ultra-slim
10mm  bezel,  this  unique  42”  LCD module  is  designed  to  form  LCD
wall  in  “matrix”  or  “banner”  form factor  for  all  possible  commercial
sites, such as stadium, auditorium, concert,  concourses,  where  large
group  of  viewers  may  gather  and watch. Come  whatever
combination  of  panel  quantity(5x5 max.,  equal  to  more  than  5  meter
diagonal display size), and aspect, this display module will easily blend
into   interior   decoration.   Ideal   to display content in several resolution
option,   much   video,   flash   file, running  text…etc.,  can  be  put  on
display and in large format.


Panel size(diag.)                    42 inch
Bezel width  10mm
Panel Native resolution        1920x1080
Ideal. display mode              1360 x 768, 1280 x 768,
1024 x 768, 800 x 600
Brightness    700 nits
Contrast                3500:1
View angle  178˚ / 178˚
Response time         9ms           
Backlight life                       50,000 hours
Operating temp.  0-50 degree C  
Operating humid.  20 – 100 % RH
Input Voltage    AC100~240V 50/60 Hz  
Power Consump.  <180 watts
Standby power  <3 watts
Input connector  VGA x1 , DVIx1
Output connector  VGAx1,
Screen control  RS-485    & remote handset
Weight  >18 Kgs
Panel Dimensions  957 x 550 x 53 mm(WxHxD)
Example matrix dimensions:
Wall Matrix 2 x 2  1874 x 1060(diag. 2153)mm
Wall Matrix 3 x 3  2811 x 1590(diag. 3229)mm


Contact Person: Mr. Frank Huang  +886-988-238-989

email; frank88.huang@hotmail.com

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