Resistive Multi Touch Screen 10.1" ~ 14"


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NameResistive Multi Touch Screen


1. No System Upgrade Needed, Gives You Incredible Touch Panel Performance Using You Low Cost Notebook Computer. 

2. Replaces Mouse Control System, Can Be Used As A Drawing Tablet. User Can Draw Directly The Screen. 

3. Can Be Used With Games, Child Educational Software And Programs  That Don't Work Well With A Mouse Interface, Which Makes It More Fun And More Interesting To Children. 

4. Plug And Play With USB Device, Which Is Easy To Assemble And Disassemble, Can Be Installed On Many Different Models Of Notebook Computers That Have The Same Dimensions. 

5. High Quality Resistived + A Grade Panel 

6. Package ContentsUSB Cable (5V, 100mA) 

7. Available Frame ColorBlack 

8. Operating SystemWin XP/2000/Vista, Windows 7 OS 

9. Multi-Touch Gesture For Window 7/Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate/ Enterprise  ; Single-Touch For Other OS Systems. 

10. Product Size24.75 × 16.05 × 0.54 (Cm) 

11. Available In Customized Size From 10.1" To 14".  


External Multi Touch Screen for 10.1"  NB



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Contact Person : Mr. Frank Huang   0988-238-989

email :

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