Optical Bonding Technology

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Optical Bonding




Where is it useful?

    High Ambient lighting (Sunlight) conditions

    Any situation where a Touchscreen is used

    Any situation where a Protective cover is used

    If the display has to be IP or NEMA rated (for protection from water, dust, etc)

    If the LCD is vulnerable to mechanical shock or vibration

    Where the display is operating at the high end of it’s market


How it works - Basic Principles 1

  Bonding 1.jpg



     •    CR = Contrast Ratio (typically >200:1)

    As referred to in LCD panel manufacturer spec sheets

    Really only applies to measurements taken in a dark room with no ambient lighting (reflections).

    Often does not take account of the angular distribution of light from an LCD panel


High Brightness LCD panel


  Bonding 2.jpg


What about if a front surface is required?

  A front glass will have a large negative impact on the visible contrast

Includes Touchscreens, Anti-vandal glass, Privacy filter, moisture protection etc.

  Every interface (glass to air and air to glass) will lead to a reflection of about 5% of the light

 Bonding 3.jpg


 AR coatings


 Bonding 4.jpg


Using the bonding Solution instead

An additional layer of ‘bonding material’ effectively removes two of the reflective surfaces



  Bonding 5.jpg

Use AR coating and Bond together 


  Bonding 6.jpg


Sunlight Readability – Alternatives to bonding

    ‘Active’ brightness enhancement

    Causes Thermal issues (Clearing point of LCD panel)

    Increased power consumption

    Raises black level as well as White (inefficient)

    Simple AR coating (air gap or laminated)

    Reduces surface reflections but does not give ‘sunlight readability’

    Air gap can lead to greenhouse effect with solar loading (thermal issues)

    Inefficient use of AR treatment


Best Solution ?

Best current solution is a combination of all three. Addition of more backlighting power and bonding of optically enhanced glass



Bonding 7.jpg 




Key mechanical / non-optical benefits of bonding

    Allows for fully sealed and mechanically toughened front surface with no optical degradation

    Increased resistance to shock and vibration for the fragile LCD glass component – due to bonding material itself.

    Removal of any risk of dust behind the front cover/touchscreen etc.

    Removal of screen front greenhouse effect

    Removal of the front screen condensation issue for sealed front covers

    Removal of parallax effect can enable new designs


Shock and vibration resistance

    Bonding material is jelly like, a perfect shock absorber

    Dampens any movement of the panel


 Bonding 8.jpg


Screen Contamination

    Dust and dirt

    Impair optical performance

    May require difficult cleaning operation even the removal of the touchscreen / front cover

    Screen front condensation during temperature changes


Bonding Technology

Bond Differentaiating factors

All the benefits of bonding +

    Cost effective


    UV proven (5 year lifecycle)

    Fully scalable

    Large panel sizes

    Low toxicity environmentally friendly materials

    Can offer a bonded solution to fit most existing bezel openings (no re-design required)

    A Wide selection of options for the bonded surface


 Providing Items

    Plain Glass

    AR glass


    ITO EMI shields

    Any type of touch panel


    Bond customer consigned materials

As a partner

    30 years of experience in industrial displays

    Worldwide Manufacturing capability

    NO minimum order quantity

    Assistance in reducing the total cost of ownership

    Expert knowledge on panel and system selection

Complete Solutions



Railways PID –Holland 


 Bonding 9.jpg


Marine Displays


 Bonding 10.jpg   

Theme Park

 Bonding 11.jpg



Bullring Shopping center 65” LCD Panel


Bonding 12.jpg 




 Bonding 13.jpg

Tablet pc 


 Bonding 14.jpg


Double layers bonding


 Bonding 15.jpg



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