42” IP65 Sunlight readable LCD Touch Monitor (42", 47", 55", 65") Outdoor Digital Signage Application (Outdoor KIOSK)






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Outdoor 42" LCD IP65 KIOSK  (2010 台北國際花卉博覽會 2010Taipei International Flora Expo)

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Outdoor 42" KIOSK


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Spec synopsis

This  IP65  rated,  sunlight  readable series  of  monitor  is  built  to  adapt
and  to  operate  under  harsh  and hostile  environment  and  elements.  
The  frontal  section  of  this  monitor series  complies  with  IP65  to  ward
off      humidity/dust      and      other substances,  while  the  capsulated
case is built to protect the unit from any  forced  substances  to  impair
functionalities  of  this  monitor  unit.  
Patented     anti-sunlight     solution guarantee        operation        under
sunlight/heat,    to    prevent    LCD melt-down.  Using  IR  touch,  it  is
able   to   withstand   most   weather element  environment.    Fans  are
equipped       to       be       activated automatically to drive thermal out to
keep  the  unit  in  suitable  working temperature.      Rigid   mechanical
structure,    patented    anti-sunlight solution,  this  IP65  rated  monitor
serves  your  best  investment  for outdoor purpose.


Panel size(diag.)            42 inch

Native resolution           1920 x 1080

Max. display mode         1920X1080/60Hz

Brightness                700 nits

Contrast                  3500:1

View angle                178˚ / 178˚

Response time             6.5ms               

Backlight life               60,000 hours

Operating temp.            0-50 degree C  

Operating humid.          20 – 100 % RH

Input Voltage             AC100~240V 50/60 Hz  

Power Consump.          <200 watts

Standby power            <3 watts

Input connector           VGA x1 , DVIx1

Output connector          VGAx1

Screen control             RS-485 & remote handset

Ambient detection         Auto ambient light detection    

Weight                    <40 kg.

Dimensions(WxHxD)       1050 x 643 x 131 mm

Protective glass           4mm

Touch panel              optical (or IR)

Sunlight readable                   Yes
Anti-sunlight solution           Yes

Optional speaker          15W  




Contact Person: Mr. Frank Huang  +886-988-232-989

Email:  Frank88.huang@hotmail.com

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