Outdoor LCD Displays  

Whatever the weather, best-in-class optical enhancement, G-Bond technology and sunlight readability make our e-Signage Midas displays the benchmark solution for display advertising and information sector.


Designed specifically for public areas and point-of-sale environments, the range goes up to 65" screens, all of which incorporate advanced technologies that deliver clear and high quality images.  Built to last, Midas outdoor display solutions are available in fully ruggedized, anti-vandal and weatherproof casings.


The Midas family has proven market leading MTBF and MTTF values, to help minimize the TCO.


Summary specification

l   32", 46" sizes available (65" on request)

l   Sunlight readable - works in direct sunlight

l   Proprietary Thermal Management System

l   Backlight control via ambient light sensor

l   Advanced optical enhancement

l   Diagnostic system

l   IP65/NEMA3R weatherproof housing

l   Anti-reflective, anti-vandal toughened or laminated glass

l   Optional embedded PC or media player

l   Wireless, Bluetooth or GPRS connectivity available on request

l   Customizable casing color







Thermal Management 

Outdoor displays if not thermally managed properly can show signs of defects (black spots, humidity, moisture...) or may not work at all.


Thermal Management system maintains the display at the optimum temperature in challenging environments, allowing maximum efficiency particularly in outdoor environments where heat is a critical factor.

Thanks to a long experience in outdoor applications and significant investment in new technology, Our  thermally managed displays provide lower operating costs than standard air conditioned solutions available in the market.

A thermal managed system improves the reliability and the lifetime of our displays, with consequent lower TCO.

Summary specification

  • ·         Makes sunlight readable displays efficient and workable
  • ·         Manages the heat generated from the display electronics
  • ·         Manages the effects of thermal loading from solar radiation















IP65 / Nema 4 Casings

We designs and manufactures outdoor displays that meet IP65/NEMA 4 standards.


IP65 means that enclosures are totally protected against entry of dust and against water jets from any direction.

NEMA 4 identifies enclosures constructed for indoor or outdoor use; to provide a degree of protection to personnel against incidental contact with the enclosed equipment; to provide a degree of protection against falling dirt, rain, sleet, snow, windblown dust, splashing water and hose-directed water; and that will be undamaged by external formation of ice on the enclosure.

Able to protect electrical components and equipment against water or wash areas, such enclosures are ideal for use in full outdoor applications.

The Our Midas family has been designed to meet IP65 requirements.

For more information about IP/NEMA standards, please visit:










When installing displays in outdoor and high ambient light environments it is important to recognize that brightness is not the only important factor.


G-Bond reduces the reflective loss from all surfaces to less than 1% by optically coupling the internal surfaces and using an index matched, antireflective coated glass. This increases contrast by 3-5 times that of untreated displays, improving text readability and image clarity.

G-Bond removes the air gap between the display and front cover preventing moisture and condensation from forming a common issue with outdoor displays that are subjected to large changes in temperature and humidity.

Our G-Bond process is applied in class 10000 'clean rooms', and is suited to almost every LCD or Plasma display up to 82". 

Our G-Bond can be provided as a stand alone service where the client supplies the display,  glass or touch screen for bonding together and our production lines allow flexible production quantities as well as rapid prototyping.

Our G-Bond is a removable process and as such it reduces the cost associated to service maintenance for panel or front glass replacement.

Optical benefits

Environment benefits

Mechanical benefits

Reduces the reflective loss from all surfaces to less than 1% using an AR coated glass      

Increases contrast ratio

Eliminating the air gap prevents condensation and dust build up between the glass and the display

Improves thermal efficiency 

Improve scratch, breakage and impact resistance



  • ·         IP5x and IP6x displays
  • ·         Avionic and military markets (aircraft and industrial vehicles)
  • ·         Public information displays for transportation markets (Railways, Bus Stations, Airports, Subways…)
  • ·         Outdoor ATMs and kiosks
  • ·         Marine markets (plotters, GPS, navigation displays, bridge monitors…)
  • ·         Digital Signage applications (Advertising, Stadium, Events…)
  • ·         Industrial displays
  • ·         Ruggedized or portable devices (medical equipment, navigation and handheld devices, Tablet PCs…)


Summary specification

  • ·       
  • ·       
  • ·         UV resistant (tested to the equivalent of 5 years at altitude)
  • ·         Improves contrast in high ambient light indoor and outdoor use
  • ·         Process is applicable for standard LCD panels, plasma panels
  • ·         Can be integrated with the most popular touch screen technologies
  • ·         Removable / recoverable process
  • ·         Safe (LCD glass cover remains secured in place even when cracked)
  • ·         Reduction in parallax viewing effect
  • ·         High optical transmissivity
  • ·         Works with EMI filters for avionic and military applications
  • ·         Customized formulations for military and commercial applications


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