CCTV over UTP Solution


Benefits of structured UTP cabling include:

 Better interference rejection than coax
 UTP is less expensive than dedicated coax or fiber
 Color-coded cabling
 Unlimited bend radius
 Physically smaller than coax
 Easiest media to install and reconfigure
 UTP is extremely easy to terminate

Simply find a spare pair of Cat.5 cable near the camera to attach the video transceiver as Transmitter and cross
connect through the building(s) to where you plan to put your monitor, Quad, multiplexed, DVR to attach the other
video transceiver as Receiver.

Structured Cabling Solution:

Structured Cabling Solution.jpg 

Video Transceiver BNC/Terminal block
 Transmit a full motion monochrome video signal up to 600 meters, color video signal up to 400 meters
 Passive, No power required
 Eliminate Coaxial Cable


Installation View.jpg 

Video & Audio Transceiver:

Installation View 2.jpg 

Installation View 3.jpg 

4 Channel Video Transceiver

speciflications 2.jpg 

Installation View 4.jpg 

Active Video Twisted Pair Transmission
P/N Description
Specification: Panel View:
Video twisted pair transmission. BNC
female to 4P terminal block. Including
active transmitter & receiver.
 Transmit a full motion color or monochrome video signal and data signal (RS422, RS485),
Color range 1500 meters, B/W video signal up to 2400 meters.
 Three position range switch for gain select on Transmitter.
 Five position distance range switch on Receiver.
 System is integrated with alarm sensor (PIR, Magnetic, etc.) or data (Pan, Tilt, Zoom).
 Built in transient protection and ground lifting, damaging voltage spike problems are eliminated.
 Red LED: Power on / off . Green LED: Video receive/loss.
 Power supply included.

Installation View 5.jpg 

19"Rack Mount Panels

19 inches Rack Mount Panels.jpg 

Surge protection Device
 Performs a different function than grounding requirements.
 Protects equipment from high voltage surges from nearby lightning strikes.
 Two stage protection: under 1ns-90V, over 10ns-12V.
 Wide range of applications: CCTV/CATV system, Antenna of Television, FM receivers, video
camera, monitors, multiplexers & Quad processor, VCR...etc.

Surge protection Device.jpg 

Outdoor Use CAT 5e UTP 4 Pairs Twisted Pair Cable

Outdoor Use CAT 5e UTP 4 Pairs Twisted Pair Cable.jpg 

RG59/U Coaxial Cable

RG59 U Coaxial Cable.jpg 

CCTV over Fiber Solution
The 1CH Video/Data/Audio Fiber Converter transmission system is specifically designed for surveillance
systems requiring seamless transmission over long distances. The most common applications are
premise, factory, airport,freeway and tunnel.
Video/Data/Audio Fiber Converter
   Digitally encode
   Auto Gain Control (AGC)
   One channel video and one duplex data and one duplex stereo audio
   Support of one bi-directional remote alarm channel
   Transmission over one fiber
   Multimode Fiber up to 5km
   Singlemoed up to 40km(100 km is available)
   LED indications for video, power, data, fiber
   Industrial grade design
   Standalone or Slide-in two versions
(Slide-in version is used by 3.5U Converter Chassis)

CCTV over Fiber Solution.jpg 


Model                                  1CH Video/Data/Audio Fiber Converter
Protocol                               PAL, NTSC
Dimensions                         119×121×22 mm (D×W×H)
Power                                 12VDC or 90~240VAC
LED indicators Power,         Optical signal, Video, Data, Alarm

Connector and cables:
Twisted Pair/STP            RJ-45, Category 5 (EIA/TIA 568)
Fiber connectors             ST or FC
Single mode fiber            9/125 μm(1310nm or 1550nm)
Multimode fiber               50,62.5/125μm(850nm or 1300nm)

Video signal specifications:
Connector                                BNC
I/O impedance                         75 Ω
Video bandwidth                      8MHz
Bit Error Rate                           10-9
Video input/output voltage     1VP-P typical, 1.5VP-P Max.
Video resolution                      8 bit
Differential Gain                      <1%
Differential Phase                   <0.6˚
Tilt                                          < 0.5%
SNR                                         >55dB

Operating temperature             -40℃ to +75℃
Storage temperature                 -40℃ to +85℃
Humidity                                    0 to 95﹪ (non-condensing)
Regulatory approval                 RoHs, CE, FCC class A

Transmission distance:
Twisted Pair/STP                      Up to 100m
Single mode cable                   Up to 20-100km
Multimode cable                      Up to 2km

Audio signal specification:(Optional)
Connector                                   Terminal block
I/O Level                                     0 dBm
I/O Impedance                            600 Ohms
Bandwidth                                  20 Hz to 20 KHz
Sample frequency                       52.3KHz
Audio resolution                          24 bit
SNR                                             >80dB

Data signal specifications:(Optional)
Connector                       terminal block
Protocol                          RS-232,2-wire RS-485 or 4-wire RS-485/RS-422
Transmission speed       128Kbps

Alarm signal specifications:
Connector       terminal block
Input              current-driven, 500 mA max.
Output            > 2.7 V on alarm,
                       < 0.7 V in normal conditions

CCTV over Fiber Solution

The 3.5U Converter Chassis is designed to accommodate 15 line cards of various types of line cards
for easy operation and management. The compact 3.5U height saves the space of central offices. The
redundant power system can be DC or AC to meet your different needs. The 3.5U Converter Chassis
is also equipped with a powerful fan in the central back side, ensuring your system a cool and stable
operating environment.

  Standard 19-inch chassis, 3.5U height
  16 slots for installing line cards
  Supports two AC or DC redundant power supplies
  1 built-in cooling fan
  Diagnostic LED panel showing the status of the fan and power supplies
  Complies with FCC class A and CE mark

 Mechanical:
     Dimension: 445 mm (W) * 156 mm (H) *319 mm (D)
     Weight: 6.5 kg (not including power supplies and line cards)
 Environmental:
    Operating temperature: 0℃~70℃
    Operating humidity: 10%~90% (non-condensing)
 Power supplies:
    AC: 100~250 VAC 50~60 Hz input
    DC: Input: 18~56 VDC input
3.5U Converter Chassis.jpg 

Contact Person: Mr. Frank Huang

Mobile : 0988-238-989


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