GSM Remote Guardian

IT Environmental Monitoring



       Remote Guardian is a Total-Solution Control Panel which is able to control A/C Power On/Off,

       Temperature Detection, Wired-Input/Output Detection (including Door Contact, Smoke Detector,

       and Alarm Detection) Remotely via mobile phone.



Industrial DesignOperation Temperature range: -20~+55; can be up to -40~+85 upon request.

Stabilized-system: With usage of ARM frameoperation is more efficient and stable.

Backup Power: Built-in with Lithium battery, status can still be viewed when AC power failure.

ConvenienceOperation commands can be easily stored in personal cell-phone via SMS format for convenient use.

Simple Reporting Message Reporting via SMS for easy-reading and -understanding.

Efficient ManagementEasy-Controlling via mobile phone, no additional equipment is required.

Temperature ControlWith built-in Temperature Sensor and if the pre-set temperature is reached,

                                 Remote Guardian is able to turn on/off A/C Power AUTOMATICALLY and report via SMS. 

SecurityReal-time detection and SMS reporting for Burglar/Fire Alarm prevention.





I/O Connection

[1]Green + Black wired-input: 1st set of N.O. Input for Door Contact

[2]Purple + Red wired-input: 2nd set of N.O. Input for Door Contact

[3]Yellow + Orange wired-input: N.O. Input for Smoke Detector

[4]Blue + White wired-output: N.O. Output for Alarm Detection




GSM Frequency900/1800/850/1900MHz

I/O Terminal

              [1] N.O. Input for Door Contact x 2

              [2] N.O. Input for Smoke Detector x 1

              [3] N.O. output for Alarm Detection x 1

Temperature Accuracy:±2

Power supplyA/C 100~120V 50~60Hz à DC5V 2A

Backup BatteryLithium Battery 600mAhr NP40

Indication LED (RED) x 1Indication of GSM signal

Operation Temperature-20~+55(ETSI Class A)

                        -40~+85(ETSI Class C)

Max Controllable PowerA/C 120V 10A250V 7A

Dimension168mm x 80mm x 43mm


Contact Person: Mr. Frank Huang

Mobile: +886-988-238-989


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