Wireless Speaking Pen

The recorded speech can be stored in huge 1.0 gigabyte memory and later transfer to computer with a USB connection.
Beside, Pendora is powered by re-chargeable Lithium battery that operates continuously for six hours (with standby of 720 hours).
The operation is quite easy, just point the Pendora on the printed text messages or picture, it will verbalize the detailed information of the object.

Ideal for various commercial applications such as reading map, catalogue and education.

Reading Map for Smart Tourism Guide:
- Voice speech describing the beautiful scenery

- Great Sales presentations kit that introduce the products to its clients. Comes in many foreign languages

Education sectors
1. e-Learning for kids
- best self-study gadget for children
2. Intelligent Education Tool
- bring more fun and enjoyment to students
3. e-Book for Elderly people
- listening to e-Book, instead of reading

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email:  frank88.huang@gmail.com

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